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4 signs that tell you a liar

4 signs that tell you a liar

Whether out of shame, insecurity or desperation. Lying can have many different causes. In certain cases, it is better to resort to a little white lie. Bring in most cases lying or lying but only Anxiety, anger and sadness with himself. But how do you know the fact that you are lying? Actually it is not that easy. If you want to detect a liar, you have to look very carefully. If you notice the following four characteristics of your isotope, you can be sure: something is definitely wrong here!

4 signs that tell you a liar

The first characteristic: your peer is never ending

A tall tale is called a tall tale for a reason. Because based on the length of the conversation you had with your peer, you can actually tell a lot about them Narration correct testing. The more you tell the truth about what your counterpart is saying, the more the person will try to embellish your story with detail. After all, the story should seem plausible and plausible. People who tell the truth, on the other hand, do not need such tricks at all.

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Feature 2: Your counterpart is rooted in the stain

Body language also gives you important clues about whether or not you are lying. When a person lies, they tend to use less body language than usual. Means: the arms and legs are immobile, for example, so as not to reveal anything. people who in fact stay, sometimes cross your legs or hand gesture. But beware! Don’t rely on it. Even casual gestures such as touching your nose/face or scratching your skin can indicate nervousness and thus lying.

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Feature 3: Your peer becomes aggressive or angry

If we want to get to the truth of our counterpart, a few questions can help reveal the truth or lies. through questions pushed into the corner Or he is likely to react aggressively, indignant and angry. Whoever tells the truth usually does not play it. why? There is no reason.

The fourth feature: your opponent blushes

If we become red in the face, this could have several reasons. Effort (eg after sports), shyness, excitement, but they can also lie The cause of the redness of the face He is. If the face turns red while lying, the nervous system reflexively releases adrenaline, which in turn causes the face to turn red. However, just rely on this feature! Even especially shy people blush quickly.

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