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4 signs that you are in a symbiotic relationship

4 signs that you are in a symbiotic relationship

A symbiotic relationship is the fusion of two (or more) people and the resulting interdependence. Of course you have things in common in a relationship, and that’s what makes a partnership after all. However, it becomes toxic when you think that you can no longer survive without the other and the whole partnership works only under the big “we”. Then something definitely goes wrong, because as an individual you should always be able to live on your own. These signs will tell you if you are stuck in this relationship trap.

3 signs that you are in a symbiotic relationship

1. Losing contact with friends and family

You haven’t seen your best friend in a long time and your family also regrets your frequent visits? If you only focus on your partner and let all your other contacts fall asleep, this is questionable. You distance yourself too much from others and your entire field of work is significantly restricted. This is not good for the mind and psyche, because external influences are shielded.

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2. One constantly takes something from the other

If you constantly take something from your partner, then of course he is happy. It’s easy for him, too. But if this is indeed a maniac, it is usually the fear that the other person will do their thing independently. In order to maintain the idea of ​​”we”, one prefers to perform various tasks so that the other person does not deviate from the path – and perhaps discover another world there.

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3. Partner comes first

Come what may, partner always comes first in a symbiotic relationship. Some may ask what is wrong with that. If you not only neglect family and friends for the sake of your partner or end communication altogether, but also modify your beliefs, then this partnership is definitely unhealthy. In doing so, you are practically giving up on yourself as an individual.

4. I became us

who am I? People who lead a symbiotic relationship can certainly ask themselves this, because I’ve become us. One person or the other may think this is too empathetic and show a bit of selfishness. But that is not what is meant. Even if you share things and opinions, you should always be seen as an individual. In a symbiotic relationship, there is a complete merging of two personalities, which prevents or makes any independence impossible – and that can’t really be a good thing.