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4 things that happen when you eat an avocado every day

4 things that happen when you eat an avocado every day

Yes, we like to admit it: We’re also true avocado lovers and like the healthy energy fruit every day. And we do that now too! The following reasons prove once again that avocado is a real versatile product…

This is why you should eat one avocado every day

1. Avocado promotes digestion

There are approximately seven grams of fiber per 100 grams of avocado – Proud amount! Of course, this also benefits the digestive process. Dietary fiber is extremely important for healthy bowel function. They help soften the stool and thus make it easier for the intestines to move the food pulp. If you consume a lot of fiber, it will also improve the intestinal flora. Read here foods that also ensure a healthy intestinal flora >>

2. Avocado helps you lose weight

And while we’re on the topic: Of course, avocados also help you lose weight! In addition to the dietary fiber it contains, there are still plenty unsaturated fatty acidsIt is proven to help the body burn fat. Avocados can also induce a long-term feeling of satiety, which of course avoids unnecessary snacking and food cravings.

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3. Avocado is good for your skin

Did you know that avocado is also considered a true beauty food? As you can see, it contains a lot unsaturated fatty acidsWhich ensures the preservation of our natural skin color. For example, they retain moisture in the upper layer of the skin, which makes the skin smooth and healthy. Ingredients such as antioxidants It can also prevent the aging process and damage caused by UV rays.

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4. Avocado improves nutrient absorption

Avocados are known to be rich in nutrients – but did you think they could help you absorb other vitamins better? In particular, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin K thanks to the Lots of nutrients and healthy fats Avocados are better absorbed by the body. So mix lots of vegetables with avocado so you can tap into the food’s full nutritional potential!

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