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5 Games to play during a Road Trip with Friends

If you are looking for ways to entertain yourself during a road trip with friends then playing games can be one of the options after listening to music and podcasts. Road trips are fun– but after spending a couple of hours driving, you begin to look for an option to entertain yourself.

Here are a few suggestions of mobile and non-mobile games that you can enjoy while on road with your friends:

    1. The Movie Game

The movie Game also known as Dumb Charades is a very popular game wherein one person tries to explain the movie through acting. The person cannot speak but explains the movie through gestures, expressions and body language. The other members of the team have to guess the movie to secure a point.

    2. Card Games

Another very exciting and popular way of entertaining yourself and your friends is playing card games like Rummy. Even if you are not carrying cards, there are many apps and portals that allow you to play cards with your friends. It can be a good option to have a good time playing and demonstrating your skills. The games are easy to play, keep you engaged and are good for testing your skills. Online cards have gained humongous popularity over the period of time and are slowly becoming a common indulgence of entertainment and leisure time.

    3. Never Have I Ever

Another game you can play with your friends is the popular ‘Never Have I Ever’. In case you are catching up with your friends after a long time, it will be an interesting game to know what’s new going on in your friend’s life. It will of course not include the person who is driving if you are including drinks. If you are short of questions and confused about what to ask, your phone can come in handy, there are numerous questions available, and you can personalize them and enjoy your time driving to your destination.

    4. Running Mobile Games

Next to mobile games, running games are quite popular amongst all age groups. If you want to entertain yourself you can choose games like Subway Surfer or Temple Run. Such games are easily available on the Play Store. Throughout the game, the player has to run on a track or on a set path, while crossing the hurdles and collecting the points. They are endless running games which are easy to play and you get hooked on them. They can be a good indulgence if you want the time to fly fast.

    5. Puzzle games

If you want to go one step further into challenging your mind. So, puzzle games are a good option to indulge in. There are a lot of varieties in puzzle games as well. From Rubik’s cube to jigsaw puzzles, to building vocabulary puzzles, brainteasers to crosswords and logic puzzles. You can play individually or with your friends, and you wouldn’t realize the time flying.

To Conclude

Given above are a few games which can help you entertain yourself on long road trips. Most of the games are free and can be easily downloaded from Play Store. It is always best to download a few cards and puzzle games before setting on the road trip and try a few of them during your journey.