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5 signs that you are growing as a person

This is how you can find out if you are growing as a person!

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Growth is an inner transformation that comes with small changes in life and often goes unnoticed. However, if you dig deeper and think about yourself and your life, you will realize that you may be growing as a person after all. Even if it is not the case for you. So we have five signs that you are growing as a person.

1. You hardly recognize yourself
When you look back at the things you’ve said, done, or thought in the past, you’re almost embarrassed by how differently you feel about those things now. While it can be embarrassing at times, it is a real sign that you are not the person you used to be.

2. You see a connection between your behavior and the events of your past life
You are able to relate your negative behavior patterns to past life events. Instead of just coming to terms with your negative traits, you understand the root of certain behaviors and work on them because you always want to improve as a person.

3. Your inner peace comes first
Once you realize that someone is asking too much of you and you feel emotionally drained, you distance yourself because your inner peace is more important to you than anything else. You notice this above all by the fact that you set boundaries when dealing with people you think are not good for you.

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4. You don’t play games
Instead of playing games in interpersonal relationships, you find increased pleasure in sharing your feelings openly and honestly with others. You don’t act like you don’t mind, but you dare to speak up when something doesn’t suit you.

5. You don’t care about other people’s opinions
You have understood that you can live your life as you see fit and do not need other people’s permission to do so. If you care about other people’s opinions, you are now doing more and more things that feel right for you without being influenced by what others might think.

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