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5 things our wardrobe reveals about our psyche

5 things our wardrobe reveals about our psyche

5 things your closet reveals about yourself

Of course, the style of our clothes affects our external impression – whether we wear particularly trendy clothes, love the basics or want to look stylish, it all says a lot about a person. But not only the outfit itself, but also a look in the closet can reveal a lot about a person.

1. Too trendy: low self-esteem

If you always have the newest piece in your closet, follow every trend and are always up to date, you have a closet full of trendy pieces. However, this also reveals something about your personality: a person who blindly follows all fashion trends tends to rely on external recognition. You define yourself by trendy parts and trendy brands and may not appreciate your true personality enough. Work on your self-esteem a little bit and wear only what you really love.

2. Messy: emotionally stressed

Your closet is made of big piles, do you stuff clothes and pull them in and out without investing a lot of time in proper folding and sorting? This may be a sign of emotional distress. If you are not at peace with yourself and your life situation, you will have neither the time nor the nerves to keep ordinary things like clothes in order. If you’re drowning in stress, that’s understandable. But try to see it in reverse as a therapeutic effect: take a few hours to sort out the closet properly. Then you will also feel more regular.

3. Bad Buys: Emotional Suppression

Do you have a lot of items in your closet that you don’t really like or have never worn before? If you’re buying blindly, you may use shopping as an emotional outlet to avoid problems. With the nice feeling when we buy something new, we like to suppress negative thoughts. Try to get to the reasons for bad purchases and ask what you really need and want.

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4. Many styles: indecisive

Is there just about everything in your closet? From goth to retro to girls, is every style included? This may indicate some hesitation. The experience is fun and an important development step. However, those who constantly struggle to establish their own style may have a hard time finding themselves and defining their own identity. Feel free to take a deeper look at who you are, who you want to be, and what you’re really comfortable with — beyond other people’s expectations and hip trends.

5. Little Content: Low Self-Esteem

Short of items in your closet and have you owned the clothes inside forever? Of course, being frugal is not a bad thing in and of itself. Perhaps you don’t value objective things like clothes or material things in general.
However, it is important to ask yourself: are you generally very frugal and treat yourself very little? From a psychological point of view, this may refer to a trauma that caused low self-esteem and thinking along the lines of “I don’t deserve this and that.” Think carefully about whether this applies to you – if so, you are welcome to take a closer look at the topic.

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