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50% discount on Sportfreunde Stiller concert

50% discount on Sportfreunde Stiller concert

The Sportfreunde Stiller Rock Wagna

After Reinhard Fendrich, Nina, Revolverhild, Josh, Ambros and Álvaro Soler, the boys from Sportfreundi Stiller will now rock the quiet Roman village of Wagna next summer on July 13, 2024. The reputation as a unique location with a familiar and cozy atmosphere has now also prompted the cult band to come To Wagna. Sportfreunde Stiller has been a music star for 27 years and is one of the most famous German rock bands. One thing that hasn't changed in 27 years is that they guarantee lively live shows. Peter Brügger (guitar, vocals), Florian Weber (drums, vocals) and Rüdiger Lenhoff (bass, keyboard) inspired a generation with their songs “The Compliment”, “The Gift”, “I'll Never Let Go Again”, “Applause, Applause” “, “I, Rocky”, … and they were finally back.


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