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500mm fan ensures significantly better case ventilation

500mm fan ensures significantly better case ventilation

from Valentine Sattler
In August, Corsair introduced a giant 500mm-wide PC fan. Try Gamers Nexus only the manufacturer version and thus achieve excellent ventilation of the case.

On August 24, Corsair’s Twitter account posted a video that many may have considered a late April Fool’s joke. In the clip it became giant 500mm wide fan Shown, which has been named Corsair LL 500mm RGB. When asked by several fans, a pirate confirmed that it was (for now) just a joke.

A monster in trouble

The corresponding fan is already there: a video pirate made it. As a result, the Gamers Nexus Youtube channel requested an opportunity to test the extravagant model and immediately sent the only copy of the LL 500mm RGB.

Classic fan tests were challenging, because due to its sheer size, the fan naturally doesn’t have room for commercially available CPU coolers or radiators. So Gamers Nexus removed the side part of the case and put the fan in front of it instead. The MSI Sekira 500X was used as a test case, which in previous tests turned out to be a model with particularly poor ventilation.

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The Corsair LL 500mm RGB is as large as the entire case.

those: Nexus for gamers

The LL 500mm RGB was able to immediately correct this flaw: compared to the system with a closed wall, the CPU temperature dropped by about 20°C in the short test. The fan turned from 280 to 290 rpm and consumed about 10 watts. And the speed can also be reduced using a rotary potentiometer: at 100 revolutions per minute, the consumption is assumed to be only 1 watt.

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However, the LL 500mm RGB is not very practical – despite its moderate consumption. In tests, the drive caused frequent problems and had to be replaced. In light of the continued trend towards larger fans, it cannot be ruled out that larger models will appear in the near future. However, initially, the width of its frame should be 300 instead of 500 mm.

those: Nexus for gamers via computer base

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