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524 new infections since Monday -

524 new infections since Monday –

16,619 people have been placed in quarantine. 339 patients were treated in hospitals, 94 of them in intensive care units. Among patients on regular wards, about 78 percent are not fully immunized, and in intensive care units about 87 percent. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 2,280 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported in Upper Austria.

Highest 7-day incidence rate in Browno منطقة

The highest rate in 7 days (as of Tuesday 8:30 a.m.) was measured in the Braunau region – with 539. It is followed by the Kirchdorf region, which is 495. Linz had the lowest infection rate in 7 days with 283.

Dashboard data changed

The state of Upper Austria will use data from the Upper Austrian Epidemiological Observatory (EPM) for its Covid-19 dashboard from Wednesday. The federal system, whose data has been used so far, has repeatedly failed in the past few weeks due to highly dynamic state events, and is due to be shut down on December 20. The country announced in a press release on Monday.

In the course of this transfer, the data will also be cleaned, which will also be visible on the dashboard and depend on a completely different data source. Any deviations are due in particular for matters of the distribution of individual cases among the federal states. The number of sick people will rise slightly at once, because the federal government’s internal dashboard operates with a fictitious recovery time, while real data from the EPM takes into account recovery with the actual date. of ages will be in Upper Austria. The dashboard only shows incidents of the area.

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Values ​​for “New cases in the previous day” (positive samples 00:00 to 24:00), “Active cases” (positive PCR tested and not recovered yet) and “Total number of cases detectable” (all people changed who tested positive during the daily observation period.taken from the EPM at 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Lots of unanswered questions about mandatory vaccination

The mandatory vaccination, which will apply from February, continues to raise questions for employees and employers – particularly the exact legal text. It seems that the sore point is still the termination of the work of unvaccinated people – more on this in Lots of unanswered questions about mandatory vaccination (