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560 that this asteroid will hit Earth

560 that this asteroid will hit Earth

On February 14, 2046, the Earth will be visited by asteroid 2023 DW, which was discovered just a few days ago. The diameter of the asteroid is about 50 meters. Its orbit around the Sun will take the rock at a distance of at least 0.0005 astronomical units from Earth. What seems like a little is still 75,000 km.

We’ll know more in a few weeks

It is very unlikely that the asteroid will hit Earth. However, the object is included in the risk lists of NASA and the European Space Agency, such as USA Today reports. NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office tweeted that it will be a few weeks before a more accurate forecast for the 2023 DW cycle is made.

According to current ESA calculations, the probability of an asteroid hitting the Earth is 1:625. NASA considers the probability of a hit to be higher, at 1:560. More accurate calculations usually result in the fact that the chances of hitting the Earth are reduced.

A private observatory in Chile

According to the The European Space Agency’s Near-Earth Object Coordination Center Asteroid 2023 DW has become dated MAP Observatory Found in San Pedro de Atacama. This small, private observatory is run by Frenchman Alain Maury, who offers astronomy evenings for tourists. He always emphasizes using knowledge of astronomy for romantic purposes. It’s a fitting coincidence that the newly discovered asteroid will pass Earth on Valentine’s Day 2046.