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5G frequencies: auction brings in nearly 25 million

5G frequencies: auction brings in nearly 25 million

Yesterday, the Communications Regulatory Authority achieved revenues of approximately 25 million euros in the third auction for 5G frequencies. Among these blocks were seven frequency blocks in the 26 GHz band, which brought in 16.2 million euros. Mobile phone companies paid about 8.5 million euros for the seven donated frequency packages in the 3600 MHz band.

A1 Telekom, T-Mobile, and Hutchison (three) operated for the 26 GHz frequencies. For the 3600 MHz frequencies, it was A1 Telekom and T-Mobile (purple).

As Telekom Control announced in a press release, the 26 GHz band has very high bandwidths but a very limited range for mobile use. These frequencies are therefore particularly suitable for serving areas with a high density of users and high capacity requirements (hotspots).

Telekom Control recognized the necessity of turning off these frequencies between midnight and five in the morning, provided that there is no decrease in performance compared to operating during the day.

On the other hand, frequencies from the 3600 MHz band are remaining frequencies that were not awarded in the 2019 auction. The frequencies can be used until December 31, 2039.

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