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9-3 win: the Austrian ice hockey team defeated Ukraine

9-3 win: the Austrian ice hockey team defeated Ukraine

One day after the 3–2 win over Poland, the Austrian national ice hockey team celebrated their next victory. ÖEHV Ukraine’s selection finished 9: 3 (1: 0.5: 1.3: 2) at the championship in Ljubljana on Tuesday. Before the two successes, there were six consecutive defeats, mostly against the United Nations, in the international springtime matches. The next opponent in Ljubljana is Romania on Thursday, and finally on Friday against France.

The two winners in the match against Ukraine were youngsters Lucas Taler and Lucas Hadum, with three goals each. In goal, Roger Bader, head of the team, relied on David Kickert this time. 19-year-old defender Themo Nickel of Swedish runner-up Rogel made his team debut.

More goals

In short, “We did a lot of what we decided to do. We put Ukraine under pressure at high speed. We had a lot of offensive actions and also a lot of power games. We managed to score more goals this time,” team leader Badr with satisfaction.

After Captain Manuel Janal made it 1-0 in the eighth minute in his 100th international match, Hadum (21 / BP, 29), Thaler (30), Peter Schneider (37./PP) and Marco Richter scored twice (38). ) 6: 1 performs in the middle section. Meanwhile, Ukraine has been reduced to 1: 2.

In the final division, 19-year-old Salzburg striker Thaler increased a double kick (44, 48) to 8-1. “I had a chance to play in the third streak. I took advantage of that, three goals, I feel good. We just have to continue like this for the next two games,” Teller said. After receiving the second goal, it was the Kuwait Airways striker Hadum (54 / PP) who wrote again for Austria for the ninth time. In the closing stages, the third goal was received.

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