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A big shift in “GNTM”: Heidi joins – dpa

A big shift in “GNTM”: Heidi joins – dpa

IIn the sixth episode of the Pro7 casting program “Germany's Next Top Model” there was coloring, cutting and suffering. Not only did the nominees have to present their wedding outfits on the stairs, but they also had to maintain their composure during the big makeover in the stylist's chair — because even Heidi Klum dared to use scissors. After the march, three of the participants were to finish their time at a casting show on the Spanish island of Tenerife.

Not all candidates enjoyed the change. Julian, for example, suffered from bleaching and temporarily stopped styling hair. “It's very painful,” the 24-year-old said. Heidi expressed her surprise, saying: “Otherwise, I always cry with women, and today it was with men.” With the help of his twin brother Luca, 24, the styling continued – and then Heidi came and cut his hair further. She received compliments from the hairdresser and in the end the twins were also very happy with their short platinum blonde hair. “The pain was worth it,” Julian said.

Armin: “Just a different person”

Most women remained relaxed as their cut hair fell to the floor and a new color was applied. Even Marie (22) can now appear in front of the camera with pink hair. Leonie, 25, had some screams of joy when she saw her new blonde hair colour. The other candidates initially couldn't recognize themselves when their hairstyle was revealed.

“Just a different person,” Armin, 27, commented on his almost completely shaved hair. But according to Heidi, candidate Jana (25 years old) has seen “the boldest change.” Her hair changed from brown to blonde. “Maybe I will be afraid tomorrow when I look in the mirror,” she said. But not everyone got a makeover. Many of the model candidates had to stay at the villa on Tenerife and had doubts about applying.

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