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A "blatant suspicion" of an Islamic idea in Würzburg

A “blatant suspicion” of an Islamic idea in Würzburg

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann (CSU) sees “glaring suspicion” of an Islamist background in the knife attack in Würzburg. “In light of what we’ve found, there’s a lot to suggest that it could actually be Islamic-motivated,” Hermann said Sunday evening in a Bild Live interview titled “The Right Questions.”

While searching for a 24-year-old Somali housing, something that could refer to Islamic propaganda material was found. In addition, the suspect himself spoke of his “contribution to jihad.” But now we have to wait for more investigations, especially the evaluation of two cell phones.

The man stabbed three women and wounded seven on Friday, five of whom were in danger. He is now in pretrial detention. It is unclear to what extent the psychology of the frequently shown psychologically played a role and whether Islamic attitudes could have contributed to the crime.

Investigators found materials at the man’s homeless shelter that were said to contain hate messages. It is secured. However, for the evaluation, documents, as well as messages on mobile phones, must first be translated.

Hermann also spoke in favor of a refugee law review. It would be “wise” to consider, after the federal election, whether subsidiary protection status for refugees could remain that way in the long term. Above all, the extent to which protection can be terminated must be checked. “It’s especially important to me that we can get people out of the country who are committing serious crimes here or who are considered dangerous.” The 24-year-old has subsidiary protection status, so he is legally residing in Germany

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