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A “historic winter storm” sweeps across much of the United States

A “historic winter storm” sweeps across much of the United States

The front of the powerful winter storm extends over 4,000 km – from the west to the east coast of the United States. A weather warning has been issued in 29 states (out of 50 total), affecting 65 million US citizens. The National Weather Service is talking about a “historic winter storm.”

The situation is particularly bad in the northern states. Temperatures of minus 22 degrees are recorded in Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota. In Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, power was out in large portions Thursday night. More than 700,000 households have been forced to cut off electricity, at least temporarily. The storm was accompanied by heavy snowfall and ice accumulation. Hundreds of flights have been canceled across the country.

“fast food”

In Minnesota, several major roads had to be closed due to heavy snowstorms and poor visibility. Only essential trips should be undertaken, authorities warned, “If you must travel, take an extra flashlight, food and water in your car.”


On the western coast of the country, a cold front had already made itself felt a few days earlier with hurricane-like storms. In California, trees were uprooted and power poles snapped. But it should get thicker. Forecasters expect snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains this weekend. Nothing unusual in winter, but heavy snowfall is also expected in low-lying areas on the Pacific coast. Even Los Angeles can be sweetened.

heatwave in the south

While winter storms rage in the north of the United States and people struggle with the cold, in the south they are suffering from a heat wave that has set multiple records for this time of year. Up to 30 degrees are not currently uncommon in Florida. The current temperature gradient in the United States is over 50 degrees.

Golfers’ shorts and shirts in Palm Beach, Florida

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Consequences: Freezing, snow shoveling and state of emergency are all common in the North, while in the South in Palm Beach (FL) Palm Beach (FL) golfers managed to complete the tournament Wednesday in jerseys and shorts.

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