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A man takes off…without a bag

A man takes off…without a bag

It was early morning here in Los Angeles and already evening in Vienna and I thought this is how the morning should start – the Vienna Call. I was incredibly happy. Is this the beginning of a new Hollywood movie? No! That was it Jeff WelbushHis first thoughts when he got a call from me for the KURIER-ROMY nomination.

Regardless of the language and in what country, whether in German, English or Yiddish, whether in Austria, Germany or the United States, the mime embodies each role completely authentically and in its own way Thomas Roth Or in the funky Netflix series. Jeff Wilbusch managed to get the public’s attention with his follow-up. She caught up with the 35-year-old actor for a chat shortly after he arrived in Vienna from his adopted home of Los Angeles.

A little tired, without a bag, but with a lot of humor. Yes, the bag gets lost in the classic way and in a way no traveler would like. However, Jeff jokes about it. He tends to see the positive things in life and feels grateful for all the good things that happen to him, he says himself. He has all the criteria for the perfect star as we imagine him to be: a successful movie company, based in Los Angeles, 50,000+ Instagram followers and a passion for fashion. However, Jeff is an incredibly humble, grounded and thoughtful person. “I never forget faces. If I ride the subway with me and see you after so many years, I recognize you. And what role does he dream about?” It will be a matter in which I will experience a complete transformation of body and soul with great inner struggle. This is a real frontier experience.”

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