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A new law is set to dramatically change iPhones in the future

A new law is set to dramatically change iPhones in the future

The European Commission is already planning a new law next month, according to a Reuters report Appears. The plan: In the future, all smartphone manufacturers should be required to introduce a unified charging cable standard for new smartphones and other mobile devices.

Since a large number of Android manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Co. already rely primarily on USB-C connections, the new regulations will mainly affect Apple. Its iPhone and iPad are charged via the internal Lightning port.

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The panel first raised the issue of cable charging more than ten years ago. 14 manufacturers, including Apple, have agreed to a voluntary commitment to a common standard for mobile power supplies. When it comes to sockets in smartphones and tablets, three of the ten types remain: USB-C, Apple’s Lightning and micro-USB, which used to be standard in Android smartphones, but are now only found in devices cheap.

With further standardization, waste should be avoided, among other things. In 2020, the European Parliament indicated that the chargers will generate 51,000 tons of e-waste annually.

The EU Commission had already confirmed in July that it wanted to submit a proposal for standardized mobile phone charging sockets in early autumn. The Federation of Municipal Corporations (VKU) welcomed the Commission’s announcement. “Tangled cables are neither consumer friendly nor environmentally friendly,” a spokeswoman said. Standardized charging cables help avoid unnecessary waste.

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