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A Plague Tale Requiem: All Flowers with Locations (Herbalist) for Hugo

A Plague Tale Requiem: All Flowers with Locations (Herbalist) for Hugo

The Flowers in a Plague Tale: Requiem are collectibles for Hugo’s herbarium (Which in turn is a variety of flowers bird feathers consists).

Hugo loves nature more than anything and is always happy with the flower or flower Amecia can put in her hair. There are only five flowers in total that can be found in the Requiem, which is the Grail/Achievement herbalist Opens (“Find all flowers”).

Here we reveal them Locations of all flowers.

Flowers in a Plague Tale: Requiem

Flowers may not have any meaning or playful utility, but they serve a decorative purpose nonetheless.

Nice little touch

Open the folder in the list and you can equip your Amicia with it. Then she puts the flower behind her ear, which at least looks cute.


  • Chapter 2
  • Section: igniters
  • Objective: Reach the south tower

After escaping from an underground area (where you have to use the first Ignifer bowl), Amecia and Lucas head back outside and see the south tower from a distance. Follow the path of the area until you automatically pass the herb garden. Lucas directs you to the flower.


  • Chapter 3
  • Section: Parties
  • Objective: to reach the forest of herbalists

In the third chapter, after a heavy fight, you finally reach the herbalist’s hut. go after arrival not now in, but look around on the left side of the area. She discovers his wife’s dead body and a pot in the tree that can be dropped with a slingshot. Contains flower.


  • Chapter 4
  • Section: Night Shift
  • Objective: to reach the system boat

Shortly after the start of the segment, Amecia and Lucas both reached the water and spotted the System boat in the distance. Go down to the water and turn there. Gentian ends up blooming next to a shrub.

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Anemone coronaria

  • Chapter 5
  • Section: Unfinished Bridge
  • The goal: to find a way to reach the boat

After crossing the water on the ferry, follow the path to the bridge. On the left side of this bridge (next to the rock face) you can use the slingshot to smash a chain blocking a wooden platform:

Then push the cart to the left ledge (not the other where it continues), climb, and run across the laid platform and along the rocky path behind. Eventually you will find the flower.


After the class starts, all you have to do is follow the path and the flower will pass automatically. Lucas even points at you and bows beside him.

That’s it for the flowers in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Once you collect them all (you can also do this by selecting the class in the main menu), the “Herbalist” trophy/achievement will open.