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A "quarrel" with the NDR?  Linda Zarvakis protests

A “quarrel” with the NDR? Linda Zarvakis protests

After nearly eight years, Linda Zervakis replaced “Tagesschau” with her own show on ProSieben. The change from Germany’s most popular news program came as a surprise – and involuntarily?

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It is one of the most famous faces of German television: Linda Zarvakis. With her relaxed and down-to-earth style, she was the spokeswoman for the 8pm flagship edition ofDaily news“To breathe fresh air in the NDR studio’s serious environment. Where the news program is recorded daily, Zervakis said goodbye April 26 – She drank her departure with Ozu in the evening.

But as now in the Bild Reports, not everything in sunlight was in vain as this broadcast version of the story suggested. The newspaper reported that there were efforts by Linda Zarvakis to raise her profile through her own show. “At the start of the year, Zervakis was said to have submitted a concept for his own show to program director Frank Beckmann,” says the report, which cites an anonymous source.

“You didn’t get a reaction for weeks.”

Then, a production employee quotes: “But she didn’t get a reaction for weeks. And that was even though she was one of the faces of Tageshaw. Worse still: After a few weeks Beckmann reached out to her, but because of a slip of the tongue in Tageshaw – not because Broadcast.

The resulting frustration, and thus the substance of the text, ultimately led to the decision to file a notice of termination. The NDR denies the report, saying: “There was no disagreement.” At the request of t-online, Linda Zervakis management has not commented on the tabloid offer. Instead, the broker made the following statement on Friday at around 1 p.m.: “If you must have heard about a dispute between me and the NDR, as BILD reported, forget it.”

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But what is certain with all the fuss: Zervakis wins ProSieben Its own program – even with its name in the title. Linda Zarvakis Matthias Obdenhoffel Introducing the new ProSieben magazine “Zervakis & Opdenhövel”. Live. ”, Commercial radio announced Wednesday.