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A quarter of Austrians don’t change their underwear every day

A quarter of Austrians don’t change their underwear every day

auraClose And home office You have personal cleanliness It seems not so good in Austria: According to a representative GfK survey published on Wednesday with 1,000 respondents commissioned by the online retailer “Galaxus”, every third person in this country rarely washes their own bed linen.

Almost a quarter of men do not change their underwear every day, and 1.5 percent only change it every week.

Obviously, disinfectants and endless hand-washing were only one aspect of the pandemic. Because limited social contact has also led to the fact that many people have started to neglect the cleaning and laundry routine in their private lives.

After all, 83 percent of those surveyed changed their underwear as recommended at least once a day. However, nearly a quarter of men traffic less, compared to one in ten women. By age group, those over 50 wear dirty panties most often, followed by those between the ages of 15 and 29. There is also a lot of protest among respondents for too little schooling.

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Bed sheets are rarely changed

It seems that many Austrians like their bedrooms to be a bit dingy. According to the recommendation, beds should be freshly made every two weeks – more than a third of those surveyed do this often. Compared to German-speaking countries, we’re in the middle of the field – Germany is at the top of the horror rankings. A glimmer of hope: With age, people in Austria seem to be getting cleaner, at least in the bedroom.

Hygiene includes, among other things, regular toothbrush replacement – at least every three months. The 15-29 age group is the most permissive, with just under 20 percent not doing so. In a country comparison, Austria and Switzerland fare much worse than their German neighbours. In Austria there are approximately 15 percent twice as many toothbrush holders as in Germany.

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When it comes to personal hygiene, of course, showering and bathing should not be missed. Recommended two to three times a week. Compared to other categories, things here look satisfactory. More than half bathe or shower every day, a third every two days, and 15 percent every three to six days, while the remainder apparently like to make their presence known with their sense of smell.