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A raid on AfD man Maximilian Krah

A raid on AfD man Maximilian Krah

According to research, the raid is linked to the arrest of Jian Jie, a long-time employee of KRAH, two weeks ago.

Offices of the AfD candidate for the European elections, Maximilian Krah, Since Tuesday morning German Federal Prosecutor's Office I looked into it, “ZEIT”, “ARD” and “SWR” report unanimously. This is based in the European Parliament in Brussels.

“Agent Activity”

According to research, the raid is linked to the arrest of a long-time hate employee Jian J. two weeks ago. He is suspected of spying for China. On the one hand, the German Federal Prosecutor's Office accuses him of “acting as an agent of a foreign intelligence service in a particularly serious case.” G. is also said to have spied on Chinese dissidents. He was arrested at the end of April, and Krah has since claimed that he knew nothing about his employee's alleged activities.

As a member of the European Parliament, Krah is protected by parliamentary immunity, and as long as it is not lifted, he cannot be investigated. But according to Zeit, the German Federal Prosecutor's Office obtained approval from the European Parliament for the raid.

The FPÖ supported Krahe in the espionage case. He sees the AfD as a “victim”, as the head of the Austrian Freedom Party-EU delegation, Harald Wielimski, recently said, referring to the time of the arrest of a hate worker – just a few weeks before the European elections. “This story stinks beyond belief here,” Velimsky said. Krah was only a guest in January at an event organized by the Identity Movement in Austria, which the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has classified as far-right, and in February he participated in an event in Vienna at the invitation of Velimski. .

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