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A restaurant that tipps men — and faces headwinds

A restaurant that tipps men — and faces headwinds

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An Austrian hotel owner placed a sign with a bold statement in front of his restaurant. So there were different opinions on Facebook. © Screenshot/Facebook

A hotel owner in Austria tried to attract new guests with a supposedly funny saying. However, this sparked discussions on Facebook.

Stradden – Opinions always differ when it comes to the question of what comedy is allowed to do. Get down in Austria He thought of a supposedly funny saying and wrote it on a sign in front of his restaurant. The council's photo ended on Facebook. The post went viral and sparked mixed emotions.

Innkeeper attracts guests with a funny saying: “Keep a wife as a hobby.”

You can always find funny and weird sayings on Facebook, Instagram and similar sites. The owner of BULLDOGWirt in Straden, Austria almost went viral with his controversial quote, with the post being shared more than 1,600 times (as of February 8). Some Facebook users called this extremely sexist, but the majority of users celebrated the host's “creativity.”

It says on the sign in front of the restaurant: “Do not file for divorce if your wife is not good at cooking… Eat with us and keep your wife as a hobby.” After only two days, the Facebook post reached a large number of people. 9000 reactions. The majority of reactions were positive, and only a few expressed their dissatisfaction with the emojis. By the way, a feminist saying that was popular in Whitten, Das…? High waves.

This is how Facebook users react to the provocative saying

You also have to search long in the comments to find negative votes. “My sense of humor” and “Great saying for a restaurant entrance” were just two of the most popular comments. Some pointed out that the man could definitely start cooking too. “My wife can cook. I will check when I get a chance who is the best…” one user commented. However, some cannot ignore the supposed sexism being portrayed.

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They believed that “such statements are sad these days.” One user thought this was just a “macho saying.” “Finally get out of your tunnel,” he says. One user said, “The sign is the best sign for another restaurant.”

“Don't take it too seriously,” said owner Hermann Wiedner when asked IPPEN.MEDIA. “There's got to be a bit of fun in life, we're a pub, that's part of it. That saying was also meant to be ironic,” he said. He also realizes that irony doesn't resonate with everyone. “I wanted to write it the other way around,” Wiedner explains. “Maybe it would be better if the man was cooking.” The hotel owner himself did not expect that this post would be so popular. It was “just a lot of fun.” (almost)