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A reticulated python devours a woman and her clothes in Indonesia

A reticulated python devours a woman and her clothes in Indonesia

A giant snake devours a woman wearing clothes in Indonesia.

Village leader Suardi Rossi said on Saturday that the body of the 45-year-old mother of four was found in the belly of the five-metre-long reticulated python.

The search process brought results

Farida, 45, did not return home on Thursday evening and has been missing since then. Her husband and other residents of Kalembang village in South Sulawesi province launched a search operation and discovered personal belongings of the missing persons on Friday.

Shortly thereafter, “they discovered a snake with a large belly,” the village chief said. “They agreed to cut the snake’s belly.” The head of the missing person immediately appeared. The snake swallowed the woman fully clothed.

Reticulated pythons mainly eat small animals and birds, and rarely kill humans. However, some deaths have occurred in Indonesia in recent years. Last year, villagers in southeast Sulawesi killed an eight-metre-long python that had devoured a farmer. In 2018, a 54-year-old woman was found dead in the stomach of a seven-metre-long python in southeast Sulawesi. In 2017, a four-metre-long python devoured a man on a palm oil plantation in West Sulawesi.

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