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A revolutionary e-bike motor that runs without a chain

A revolutionary e-bike motor that runs without a chain

All bikes work whether they are electric or not: the chain drives the rear wheel when you pedal. Now a German transmission company has modernized this principle and replaced the chain with a cable.

If you join free driving system In the pedals, muscle force is converted into electrical energy. This is connected to wheel hub motor Redirected, where it is converted back into mechanical energy. The engine sits at the rear wheel and drives the bike. German manufacturer Schaeffler calls its development “bike with wire“.

Free Drive system works without chain

The bike shown contains a battery that stores the excess power. It can also Braking energy returned will. There will be one for the entire system Continuous output 250 watts specific. According to Schaeffler Allowing more flexibility in bike construction and greater freedom in bike engineering.

Also suitable for cargo bikes

The advantage is obvious: without a chain and drive belt, the bike has fewer wear parts. For companies that operate fleets in particular, this means less maintenance is required, according to the broadcast. The drive is suitable for all types of bikes, regardless of whether they have 2, 3 or 4 wheels. This means that it can also be used for cargo bikes. All you need is to have a pedal motor.

However, you must less efficiency Accept from with bikes with chain. Opposite Electric Scheffler spokesman said, be it 5 percent less efficient. Free Drive will be presented this week at the Eurobike trade fair. When it will be launched is still unknown.

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