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A severe weather warning issued by meteorologists in large parts of the country

A severe weather warning issued by meteorologists in large parts of the country

Asuncion: Meteorologists expect high humidity with thunderstorms in large parts of the country on Tuesday. There is also a severe weather warning for large parts of the country.

The first affected areas will be in Central and Southeast Boqueron and Central and Southern President Hays, according to the severe weather warning. After that, the unstable weather will spread to the city center with Asuncion, Cordillera, Paraguar, Casapa, Nimboco, Misiones, Itapua, Guaira and Caguazu.

Severe storms are expected in San Pedro, south of Concepción, south of Amambay, Canindio and Alto Parana, from Tuesday afternoon into the early hours of the night.

Precipitation is said to be between 40 and 70 mm, with gusts of wind that can be close to 100 km/h. Please refer to the attached special announcement for more details.

The estimated maximum temperature for Asuncion and the metropolitan area today is 28 °C. The temperature is expected to reach 33 °C in the north, 28 °C in the east, 26 °C in the south, and 34 °C in Chaco.

According to the expanded forecast, rains of varying intensity will continue in the following days, accompanied by thunderstorms at the state level.

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