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A small star could wipe out the entire solar system

A small star could wipe out the entire solar system

One small star could wipe out the entire solar system. This came from a study published in the specialized journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society It has appeared around him, among other things independent mentioned. Accordingly, even one of these stars flying above the planet Neptune can cause all other planets to collide with each other.

Depending on the star’s size, Neptune’s orbit may change by 0.1 percent. This alone would be enough to destroy the entire system. Such flights are common. According to scientists, in addition to the flyby, another requirement must be met: Mercury and Jupiter must have reached a certain point in their orbit at the same time – the so-called perihelion.

Mercury can collide with Earth

If perihelion is reached and star flyby occurs at the same time, the entire solar system can be shaken. According to the calculations of astrophysicists, there are two possibilities: either there will be a suction effect on Mercury, which will lead to the expulsion of the planet from the solar system. Or Mercury collides with Venus, Earth, or the Sun.

This takes some time. According to scientists, changing orbits, including planetary collisions, will take millions of years. Currently, however, the assumption is that the Sun will completely swell and engulf the Solar System in about five billion years, says Garrett Brown, a graduate student in computational physics in the university’s Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (PES). Toronto, told the University of Toronto universe today.

Moreover: “The possibility that a stellar flight could upset the balance of our solar system is not a cause for concern.”

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