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A sporting start to the second Austrian finals

A sporting start to the second Austrian finals


Until Sunday, more than 6000 talented people from 27 federations in 23 sports facilities in Graz will compete for the state championship title. The winners of the Austrian sports finals are crowned every day at Karmeliterplatz – their disciplines couldn’t be more different.

On Thursday, Schlossberg became a roller skating track, Mur became the scene of the Austrian rowing championships in the Archduke Johann Bridge area, mountain biking was on the program at Stategg, a bike race went through the old town, football was played, and it competed for first place in diving – And much more.

Great Variety, Exciting Decisions

At 23 sports facilities in Graz and beyond, state champions will be decided until Saturday – “and there are 27 different sports federations; 250 decisions have been made. You will see incredibly amazing sports that you have never seen before; Austrian sports are showing themselves,” says Gerd Bischofter of Austrian Sports. in all its diversity.”

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Exciting: roller sled from Schlossberg in Graz

Even on Sunday, there is practically no square centimeter in Graz where you do not play sports – 300 volunteer assistants make it possible and the public is welcome everywhere: Stadtpark, Oster, Freiheitsplatz, in the sports ball park, in the ice field – there is something going on in every place.

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The heart of the Sport Austria Finals is Karmeliterplatz, where daily finishes and medal awards entice. On the main square in Graz there is not only a sport to watch until Sunday, but also to participate – bobsleigh, for example.

Beach tennis, volleyball, rugby, mini golf, curling, surfing – there’s hardly a sport that won’t be played in Graz in the next few days: on Friday and Saturday evenings Karmeliterplatz will also be the stage for Ö3 – ORF concerts Sport Plus reports live from the Sport Austria finals and a summary is available Daily in “Steiermark Today” on ORF2.

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