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A “strike” was avoided in the United States

A “strike” was avoided in the United States

A shutdown of government business in the US has been avoided for the time being. Yesterday, the Congress government passed the funding bill till March. US President Joe Biden has yet to sign, but this is considered a formality.

It is an extension of current government spending requirements and is therefore an interim arrangement – ​​the third in a row. Since September, a divided parliament has been unable to adopt legislation on year-round funding. With the extension, MPs want to give themselves more time to find an agreement.

The deadline has been extended

Overnight, funding for the military and veterans, about one-fifth of the money for government operations and federal agencies, including agriculture and transportation, would have expired. The other four-fifths — the foreign ministry, commerce, labor and health — have guaranteed funding only until February 2.

Both deadlines have now been extended – to March 1 and 8. A recent deal between Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gives hope that a deal could be reached by then.

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