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A supposedly worthless mask sold at auction for 4.2 million euros

A supposedly worthless mask sold at auction for 4.2 million euros

A retired couple in France have one African mask Due to ignorance of the true value of 150 euros It was sold to a scrap dealer who paid for it 4.2 million euros In a auction achieved. the Legal action From the couple Reversal, reversal, reversal On Tuesday, a court in Alès, southern France, ruled for the purchase starting in 2021 unacceptable.

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The court ruled that the second-hand goods dealer responsible for dissolving the household in the couple’s second home had no special knowledge of art objects. But the couple knew that the man’s grandfather had brought the mask, which was lying in the attic, along with other historical objects, to France from Africa around 1900 after he took office. The court ruled that the couple still failed to value the mask at its actual value.

Gabon also demanded its return

It cannot be assumed that the scrap dealer acted intentionally. An expert only later estimated the value of the mask at between 300,000 and 400,000 euros on behalf of the Montpellier auction house. Therefore, the scrap dealer offered the couple 300,000 euros after the sale.

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The mask was called Fang mask Out of place Gabon From the nineteenth century. She was also in the process Republic of Gabon like Pretended It happened and it was one Back The mask required by the state. The court also rejected this claim.

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