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Abortion Case Judgment Uploaded “Accidentally”

Abortion Case Judgment Uploaded “Accidentally”

Supreme Court America It accidentally published a presumptive decision in an abortion case — and then quickly removed it from its website.

The spokesperson said the responsible department had uploaded a document “carelessly and succinctly”. Supreme Court, Patricia McCabe, with Wednesday. McCabe stressed that a verdict in the case has not yet been released and will be released “in due course.”

The legality of a strict ban on abortion

It is not clear from the court's statement whether the document was a judgment. According to media reports, it is clear from the document that the court has banned abortion Idaho In medical emergencies.

The case legalizes a strict ban on abortion in the conservative state. In Idaho, abortion is allowed only in exceptional cases, such as when the mother's life — but not her health — is at risk.

According to the administration of the President of the United States Joe Biden However, emergency rooms are mandated to perform abortions in medical emergencies. That is why she filed a lawsuit against the law. The trial in this case took place in April. At present, the Supreme Court is publishing judgments on cases heard in this session at regular intervals.

Such a mishap before the Supreme Court in an abortion case is reminiscent of the leak two years ago. There was a newspaper then Politics The court released a confidential draft of its decision, according to which the Supreme Court wanted to overturn its landmark 1973 ruling on abortion.

Although the court affirmed the authenticity of the document, it emphasized that it was not final. In the end it happened the same way: in June 2022, the court overturned the right to abortion in the United States.

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