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About the exciting store of Wurstico: With “Lugneroff” across the city of Lugner

About the exciting store of Wurstico: With “Lugneroff” across the city of Lugner

I'm a fan of Logner. The shopping center next to the U6 Burggasse station at 1150 Vienna offers a great cinema. Not in the actual cinema, but away from it – between Orion and the Crystal Boutique, Wurstico and the “Pretty Women” nail salon. This is where the most exciting stories happen and the powerful (and powerfully scented) images are delivered. This is due to the colorful mix of people who “lurk” there and of course stop and buy something. Here you can get a good cross-section of society, although the proportion of bobos and yuppies is limited. They rarely manage to cross the belt. Your own mistake. Everything you need for life is offered on three floors.

There's also plenty of culinary stuff going on – from ready-made kebabs to fantastic Ćevapčići from YU-GO Grillage, Runnig Sushi and pizza from the Italian Restaurant (Naples 1926). Then there is the abundance of all-you-can-eat buffets with an emphasis on glutamate. There is also a medical centre, apartments and a gym. Anyone who lives there (in theory) never has to leave home. It won't be as noticeable if you go shopping in your pajamas. Others do it too.

Children also enjoy and have fun all year round. There is a large bouncy castle currently providing action. If you're lucky, you'll meet the construction engineer on one of his tours, when he records one of his legendary embarrassing videos for his Lugner City Instagram channel, or at an event (Lugner on Wednesday presented his own opera ball guest Priscilla Presley there). “Mortar” is ubiquitous in other ways as well. I recently came across an advertising poster in which he was advertising his vodka called “Lugneroff” while dressed as a Cossack, and insecurely ashamed. This is not for me, it is only for strong brothers, of which there are few in Logner City.

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