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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Fernando Alonso reveals a special promise to Sebastian Vettel

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Fernando Alonso reveals a special promise to Sebastian Vettel

Alonso told the German, “Don’t worry about me on the first lap, I won’t attack you.” “sky” explained. A great gesture from the two-time world champion, who lost to Vettel in an intense world title fight in both 2010 and 2012.

Alonso kept his word and stayed behind the German at the first stage of the Grand Prix, whose cockpit the Spaniard will inherit next season. And this despite the fact that Alonso himself ended his career in Abu Dhabi four years ago before returning last season.

Therefore, before the race, he wanted to prepare Vettel for the special emotions that the final Grand Prix brings. “The warm-up lap was the most emotional moment for me,” he told Vettel before the Grand Prix, “you’re alone in the car for the first time. It’s quiet and then you realize: this is the last time.” Him: “Enjoy it. You’re a legend!”

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Feelings came on Vettel before the preliminary lap, he admitted to Sky. “During the anthem, I looked up and drifted a little bit, and I kept trying to get back up and focus on the race until I didn’t forget anything,” the German laughed. After finishing tenth in the Yas Marina Circuit.

Vettel expects a “blow”

“When the lights are off, you’re in your race. I rode my race like many before and managed not to lose focus too much. It’s going to take some time. Tonight or tomorrow morning will be another chance,” predicted Vettel, who enthused about the special atmosphere on the grid after the race.

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“There was a special energy throughout the weekend between the drivers, but also in the paddock. There was also a lot of positive vibration from the outside and I’m very grateful for that,” said the 35-year-old after crossing the road. finish line for the last time.

It was Thursday Lewis Hamilton organized a farewell dinner for Vettel with all 20 drivers. Saturday evening Heppenheimer started the race course With almost the entire F1 community. Several pilots also pioneered a proprietary helmet design – including Alonso.

Vettel says goodbye with a message

The Spaniard had already announced Thursday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with one Special design in German national colors And drive a car with the inscription “Thank you, Seb.” A sign of great appreciation.

Also because Vettel was more than a racing driver in the final stage of his career, which he proved again after the end of the season with an impressive final letter at the start and finish respectively.

“We have the power to inspire people through what we do and say. There are more important things than sticking around for loops. But that’s what we love. Thank you for the support,” he said, emphasizing, “Of course I will miss all of that. It was a pleasure.”

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