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“Accident” at Iranian nuclear plant with new centrifuges

Behroz Kamalwandi, a spokesman for Iran’s civilian nuclear program, said the crash happened Sunday at the plant’s power grid.

The Iranian news agency Force quoted him as saying that the accident did not lead to any injuries or damage, nor did it lead to polluting leaks.

No details have been released on what caused the crash, but Kamalvandi says the incident is under investigation and more information will come later.

The Natanz plant is being used to enrich uranium, President Hassan Rouhani said in a televised speech on Saturday, adding that Iran was introducing more advanced centrifuges to enrich more uranium at the plant.

The US withdrawal from the agreement and the imposition of severe sanctions on the country is another violation of the terms of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Mysterious eruption last year

In July last year, a mysterious explosion caused damage to the nuclear power plant’s advanced centrifugal plant. Iran later said the bombing was caused by sabotage or terrorism, but did not say who was behind it or what caused it.

The new equipment at the dance plant, which opened on Saturday, means that Iran could enrich uranium quickly, on a large scale, and in violation of its nuclear deal.

New negotiations

On Tuesday, new talks began in Vienna to reunite the United States in the deal.

Russia, China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the European Union have been trying to keep the agreement alive for the past three years. But they have not been able to prevent the effects of US sanctions, and Iran has not begun to increase its nuclear program, insisting that the country has only peaceful and civilian objectives.

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When the nuclear deal was signed in 2015, the UN Security Council issued a decree against Iran. Agreed to tougher restrictions and extensive research in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

Hard pressure economy

It was not until 2018 that the Trump administration withdrew from the United States. Subsequent sanctions have hit the Iranian economy hard, effectively halting the country’s vital oil exports, while Western companies have left the country.

Iran has already implemented a 20 percent enrichment, while the deal sets a maximum limit of 3.67 percent, which is sufficient for use in uranium nuclear power plants.

To make atomic bombs, an enrichment rate of at least 85 percent is required.