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According to Ecclestone, Mick Schumacher was ‘on the wrong team’

8:38 a.m

Ecclestone: Mick Schumacher was ‘on the wrong team’

When the tests start in Bahrain tomorrow, Mick Schumacher can only watch. After two years at Haas, the German has lost his usual cockpit, and in 2023 he will only be a substitute driver at Mercedes.

According to Bernie Ecclestone, Schumacher’s career could have been very different. “With Michael as a consultant at his side, Mick will be a regular driver in the cockpit of a good team,” said the former Formula 1 boss. The opposite image.

“Michael could have given his son so many details with all his experience. He would have shown him the right path, leadership, but also political,” Ecclestone asserts and explains: “He was on the wrong team.”

He believes that “Red Bull would have been better for him. There they would have taken more care of him and built him.” Rather, after Haas-Os, it will now be difficult for him to find a cockpit.

11:45 a.m

McLaren: The direct comparison between Piastri and Norris is unfair

Oscar Piastri will drive his first season in Formula 1 in 2023, and McLaren team principal Andrea Stella stresses you have to be realistic when it comes to expectations for the rookie. “We know Lando is one of the fastest drivers on the grid,” he says.

Piastri also “impressively” started his new job at Woking. But Norris is already four F1 seasons ahead of his new team-mate, which is why a head-to-head comparison at the start of the year may be unfair.

Especially since Piastri hasn’t driven any racing series in 2022 and he himself admits he might be a little rusty. The Australian also confirms that he will probably need some time to get used to the car, the opponents and the like.

You can’t expect him to be on par with Norris from the start.


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11:28 a.m

Speaking of bad cars…

Despite all the complaining, we must not forget that the Mercedes W13 won a race last year and was good enough for P3 in the World Championship. It looked completely different with the cars in our photo series…

Photo gallery: The 10 worst Formula 1 cars of the millennium

11:15 a.m

Hamilton: Above all, it’s a matter of feeling

Test drives are, of course, important for all teams, but perhaps especially important for Mercedes. Because Lewis Hamilton has revealed that the main reason for their problems in 2022 is that the car didn’t give the drivers a good feeling.

“It’s mainly about how the car behaves. Last year’s car didn’t behave as a race car should. That took away the confidence of the drivers,” explains the record holder.

“So throughout the year we kept going through the things we wanted to change,” he says, emphasizing that we think those things are under control for the new 2023 season.

But of course you can only be sure if you have actually driven the car.

10:55 a.m

testing times

There has been a bit of confusion recently about the exact testing times starting tomorrow. Now Formula 1 has officially confirmed that the first session will last from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, and the second from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

So the afternoon session is a bit longer and in between the two sessions there are two press conferences with the drivers and team principals respectively. In addition, the first teams have already confirmed when the pilot should fly.

You can find this and all other information about the Bahrain test here!

10:38 a.m

A new rain tire that doesn’t require electric blankets

At the sixth race of the season at Imola, a new rain tire from Pirelli will be introduced, which does not have to be heated with electric blankets. The specification change was approved at yesterday’s Formula 1 Commission meeting.

The statement reads: “Following successful testing by Pirelli and with the support of the teams, Pirelli has developed a rain tire that performs significantly better than previous specifications – this type of tire does not require caps.”

You can read all the essential information here!

10:21 a.m

Hill: Hamilton won’t drive forever

Speaking of Mercedes: As is known, Lewis Hamilton’s contract expires there at the end of the year. Former champion Damon Hill said: “He’s already thinking about retiring.” in the sky” It is reported that Hamilton is already 38 years old.

“Everyone knows you can’t keep driving as a racing driver forever,” said Hill, who also made it clear that Hamilton remains “fit” and in good shape. However, the crucial question is how Hamilton adapts mentally.

The ‘key’ is that Hamilton needs a competitive car. “If the car gave him even a small chance of winning, he’d be there,” Hill asserts. But without a winning car it would be “much more difficult”.

An eighth world title is Hamilton’s big goal, and the record champion himself has already confirmed that he hasn’t finished Formula 1 yet. But what will happen if Mercedes cannot fight for the World Cup again in 2023 …?

10:02 a.m

youth programme

Meanwhile, Mercedes has announced its junior squad for the 2023 season. It’s a mixture of a fresh face and many familiar faces. The program is led by Formula 2 driver Frederic Veste.

There is also Andrea Kimi Antonelli (European Regional Formula Championship), Paul Aaron (Formula 3) and the three kart drivers Alex Powell, Yuanbo Cui and Luna Floxa. A new addition is Kenzo Craigie, another kart driver.

9:46 a.m

new helmet

And a small addition from McLaren’s cinematic day: rookie Oscar Piastri presented his first helmet in Formula 1. Definitely a splash of color!

09:38 am

movie day

Several teams have already put on a movie day in Bahrain before official testing starts on Thursday, and here we have some impressions of McLaren, Haas and Williams for you:

09:09 am

Unlike Mick Schumacher…

… The drivers in our photo series have been entered into the Red Bull Youth programme. Here too, one must note that a Formula 1 career can end relatively quickly if there is no success. Sometimes even in the middle of the season…

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