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According to the report, Panasonic plans 4680 plants for Tesla in the United States>

According to the report, Panasonic plans 4680 plants for Tesla in the United States>

Tesla has already begun to self-build 4680 cells in a pilot line at Fremond, and Panasonic, the company’s first battery partner, is expected to launch soon: at the start of the new fiscal year, starting in April, Test production of Tesla cells will begin, Panasonic’s chief financial officer said this February. They will initially be mass-produced at an existing plant in Japan – but Panasonic has big plans for a new battery plant for Tesla in the US.

Panasonic wants to build near Tesla in Texas

This was reported by the Japanese television broadcaster NHK on Friday, according to news agencies. Accordingly, the states of Oklahoma or Kansas in the United States are suitable for the Panasonic factory, both of which are close to the Tesla Texas build gigafactory. It should produce 4680 batteries automatically, but CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly said that its own cell production should not replace previous suppliers in any way, but should complement it.

Tesla matched the batteries of its electric cars Model S and Model X with Panasonic cells from Japan. Later, partners in the US state of Nevada built the world’s first gigafactory for the Model 3 (see photo above) – a term now common to larger battery plants from other manufacturers. Appeared in between The relationship between Tesla and Panasonic is tough, But now again intact. This may have been due to the fact that the Japanese company has been making profits in production for Tesla since the end of 2020.

Last June, the company’s boss said Panasonic would make a “big investment” in the region if tests with 4680 cells went well. This does not mean laying extra lines at Panasonic’s Wagyama plant in Japan earlier this week: according to a TV report on Friday, the company wants to invest billions of dollars in Tesla’s new manufacturing plant. United States. The location is currently being sought.

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4680 production outside of Japan

NHK, the public broadcaster’s report, has no additional information, such as a table, According to Reuters. In one statement, it only states that it did not report on the Panasonic project. But he fits the picture. Because of 10 gigawatt hours per year, 4680 production in Japan should be much higher. Tesla began doing what was called the Pilot Line in Fremond Is. In general, Panasonic had already announced that it would produce 4680 cells in other countries once processes in Japan came under control.