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Michael Buda



FA delegation of five prairie acrobats demonstrated their skills on Horn.

State championships have recently attracted the best acrobats in the country to Horn. The prairie acrobats were there with a couple of women and three of the women.

The women’s duo, consisting of St. Leonard’s Nina Avengruber and Victoria Riddell, made their competition debut after just eight months of training. Riddell and Avengruber ranked twelfth.

Nora Hornik from Rubrichofen, Selina Etlinger from St. Martin-Carlsbach, and Sarah Bieber formed the women’s trio. And reviewed a sweeping performance means the sixth place.

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“I am quite satisfied with the first competition. You have to consider that seven-year-old Nina from the women’s pair got her first taste of competition. Unfortunately, the trio could not train together for several weeks due to injury. Sixth place,” said coach Bernadette Zeitner. It is also a good achievement, adding: “Both squads scored more than 20 points, which is a solid performance for the first competition.” To Zehetner: 0664/9641525.