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Adler’s super win in Klagenfurt takes home advantage to Villach!  – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

Adler’s super win in Klagenfurt takes home advantage to Villach! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

That was the perfect answer: an exciting, highly compressed team and JB Lamoureux’s fantastic goal-scoring performance made the 4-0 win perfect. In the group now 1: 1 – Villach’s home advantage returned. It continues on Sunday…

There was a change in the “Eagle” before the match: again with Blaze Tomaziewicz as center between Dominic Graventhen and Benjamin Lanzinger in the third forward line and without injured defender Jamie Fraser, “The Eagle” started the game against their arch-rivals. As expected, the second quarterfinal duel began with rolling attacks from the home team. But the blue and whites were strong in defense and tried to “annoy” the Klagenfurt team with quick counterattacks. In the third minute, John Hughes appeared in front of Kuwait Airways goalkeeper Sebastian Dahm, but was unable to insert the puck into the local team’s goal to gain an early lead. In the fourth minute, it was suddenly quiet on the court of Heidi Horton. The reason: Derek Josselin sank the puck almost out of nowhere from an acute angle to make it 0-1 into the net. Villascher wanted to follow on, but immediately afterwards it was a majority situation – Thomas Valant was in the penalty area because he made a block – but despite several powerful scenes, no further goals were scored. The lively match picked up steam as time went on, and it went back and forth with both teams scoring chances. The best player for “Adler” was Anthony Luciani, who single-handedly appeared to Dahm after losing a puck in Klagenfurt, but could not get past the KAC goalkeeper. The locals also applied a lot of pressure, but VSV goalkeeper JB Lamoureux made brilliant saves again and again. The blue and whites almost took the lead in the first half of the game: Chris Collins hit the goal post at the last second after going ahead on his own. Dahem was helpless.

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In the middle third, the blue-whites had their first chance to score – John Hughes and Robert Sabulich with a great interaction, but again the puck did not fall into the Klagenfurt goal. Immediately after that, Nic Mattinen was sent into the penalty area due to a handicap. But “Adler” defended with the last effort, attacked the opponent and – with the support of the great Lamoureux in the goal – escaped this delicate situation unharmed. On the other hand, Benjamin Lanzinger had a great chance to make it 0: 2, but he made a great save here with a very strong reaction. As a result, both teams neutralized themselves, always trying to keep the opponent outside in the third position so as not to allow any great scoring opportunities. Until the 35th minute, the hosts had a great chance of equalizing, but Lamoureux fought back with a stunning save. Madness! And then it fell, the second goal of the blue and white: 44 seconds before the end of the middle third, Nick Matinen put the ball into the Klagenfurt goal, KAC goalkeeper Dahm knocked the ball through his legs and Andrew Desjardins pushed the ball further. Line.

At the beginning of the last section, Alexander Raushenwald was on the racket 0: 3 with a quick counterattack, but the KAC goalkeeper Dahm made a save in Extremis. The locals now tried to increase the pressure, but the mighty Villach and the mighty Lamoureux prepared to meet Klagenfurt’s attacks. They were also unlucky with a shot from the pole in the 48th minute. Villachers, on the other hand, were always a fire hazard, occasionally pressing Klagenfurt into their own third by a few minutes. The decision then came seven minutes from time – a botched shot by Dahm fell to John Hughes, who scored almost effortlessly to make it 0:3. Maximilian Rebernig set the final point with an empty net kick to make it 0:4! Stark Boys, important win! The series continues on Sunday.

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EC KAC – EC iDM VSV Heat Pumps 0:4

Goals: Josselin (4), Desjardins (40), Hughes (54), Ribernig (57).

Images: VSV/René Krammer