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Afghanistan: Mass deal with US – Rammstein becomes a recovery hub – Politics

Rammstein Air Base (Rhineland-Palatinate) is a rescue center for embassy staff and local staff fleeing Kabul. The Foreign Ministry announced this on Friday.

Foreign Minister Heiko Moss (54, SPD) said he was “focused on evacuating as many people as possible from Kabul in the most difficult of circumstances.”

Federal Foreign Minister Haiko MassPhoto: Dear Greetings / dpa

Mass continues: “For this reason we have agreed with the United States that the Ramstein air base may be used temporarily, especially for the transport of people seeking protection from Afghanistan to the United States.”

The aim is to ease air traffic between Kabul and Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and increase transport capacity. So far, those rescued by Bundeswehr were first brought to Tashkent and then flown to Germany.

Mass: “We agree with all local partners that no space should be left on our plane. In the future, therefore, in addition to the Bundesweh Air Force, Germans or people named after us will be flown on American flights to Rammstein.

Ramstein, near Kaiserlotter, is one of the most important military transport and cargo airports for the US Armed Forces in Europe. According to reports, U.S. citizens and local personnel from Afghanistan must be ready for their flight to the United States at the Air Force base. Several thousand are expected.

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