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Afghanistan: Soldiers fled with 22 fighter planes and 24 helicopters

Afghanistan: Soldiers fled with 22 fighter planes and 24 helicopters

Islamic Radicalism Taliban It has the Afghan capital on Sunday Acceptance are taken. In their attack they had little resistance from Afghan army. Hundreds of soldiers are in the neighboring country at the weekend Uzbekistan He escaped, announced the Uzbek Prosecutor. 585 soldiers crossed the border by air and 158 on foot on Sunday.

The soldiers used 22 fighter planes and 24 helicopters during their escape. Afghan fighter plane crashes in southern Uzbekistan.

The pilots were able to save themselves by parachute

The incident occurred on Sunday evening after the hardline Islamist Taliban movement took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Uzbek media published pictures of a damaged machine lying on the ground.

The Uzbek news portal reported that the machine crashed in Surchandarya province. The two pilots could have saved themselves with a parachute. They were taken to the hospital. It was not clear whether the pilots wanted to flee the Taliban or why the plane was flying over Uzbekistan.

The Ministry of Defense initially reported to the Uzbek media that the plane was hit by an air defense system while illegally crossing the border. The Uzbek Prosecutor said that the plane collided with an Uzbek fighter plane.

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