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Afghanistan: Taliban storm TV studio - broadcaster must read message - politics abroad

Afghanistan: Taliban storm TV studio – broadcaster must read message – politics abroad

very scary!

How are things going fast for people in Afghanistan It changed in terms of freedom of the press and freedom of expression, and it became even more evident in the evening news: An announcer appeared on Afghan television – surrounded by the heavily armed Taliban! So he had no choice but to speak to them through their mouths.

In the 42-second recording, the director of the political debate program Bardaz on the Afghan TV station Peace Studio addresses his audience and reads the Taliban declaration. And behind him are eight heavily armed terrorists. The Taliban reportedly stormed the building on Sunday and forced the mediator to speak to them.

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International journalists and activists shared the video on Twitter. BBC journalist Yalda Hakim wrote: “Afghan TV – surreal. This is what a political debate looks like on Afghan TV, where the Taliban monitors the mediator. The mediator talks about the collapse of Ghani’s government and says that the Islamic Emirate does not want to intimidate the Afghan people.” Taliban – leads Members.

Journalists are in mortal danger

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had claimed that the journalists were not threatened by them and that they could continue to work normally. But it is clear that the reality is completely different: representatives of the media are threatened, persecuted and killed. Nearly two weeks ago, Taliban fighters tracked down a journalist from Deutsche Welle (DW) and shot a member of his family. Another was seriously injured.

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“The killing of a close relative of one of our editors at the hands of the Taliban is incredibly tragic and demonstrates the extreme danger that all of our staff and their families face in Afghanistan,” said Peter Limburg, director of DW. It appears that the Taliban is already conducting an organized search for journalists in Kabul as well as in the provinces. Time is running out!”

Afghan journalists have asked for protection from the international community. On Monday, the Afghan TV station Tolo News reported in an open letter that 150 media professionals appealed to save their lives and the lives of their relatives. “We live in uncertainty. We don’t know what will happen to us and our future.

The Taliban controls the airport

After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban now also controls the airport in the capital, Kabul. On Tuesday (August 31st) armed terrorists in US military uniforms were seen in the airport building, while another Taliban element appeared in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force plane.

Taliban fighters in US uniforms at Hamid Karzai Airport on Tuesday (August 31). Photo: Cathy Gannon/D

Upon their withdrawal, the American soldiers disabled many aircraft, armored vehicles and the missile defense system at Kabul airport so that they would not fall into the hands of the Taliban or other Islamist groups.

The head of the US Armed Forces Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, said on Monday (local time), that 27 Humvees and 70 MRAP armored vehicles – which can cost up to $1 million each – have become unusable. Vehicles “will never be used by anyone again”.

A Taliban fighter sits in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force machine

A Taliban fighter sits in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force machinePhoto: VICE KOHSAR / AFP

Maas expects Taliban government ‘soon’

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (54, SPD) assumes that the hardline Islamist Taliban movement will introduce a new Afghan government “soon”. The Social Democratic Party politician said on Tuesday in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, that this will also show whether the new rulers of Afghanistan are ready to represent other population groups with the staff.

Western countries rely on cooperation with the Taliban to drive out their citizens and Afghans seeking protection. The Taliban have promised to let them leave the country. “I think you’ll only see in the coming days and weeks if you can count on it,” Maas said.

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