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After another breakdown: Supporting Mick Schumacher

After another breakdown: Supporting Mick Schumacher

Munich – Headwind is getting stronger. and harsher.

After the massive meltdown in Monaco, Mick Schumacher is doing well physically, but Haase is scrap and his career counts for the first time. Because what Schumacher doesn’t have in Formula 1 is time. What’s also missing are points and a constant sense of accomplishment, but plenty of mishaps and mistakes.

Ergo: Parallel to the blunders, it lacks arguments at the moment. He’s not at a crossroads yet, but he’s getting closer and closer. Because sport is ruthless – even with the big names.

But Schumacher also has many defenders: they trust the ability to learn from mistakes. In the junior classes Formula 3 and Formula 2, Schumacher was always able to improve in the second year and win the title.

Franz Tost: “I still believe in him”

In Formula 1, he is in his second year, de facto in the first car to perform well – and he has to show that he can learn as fast as he can. “You shouldn’t write off Mick too quickly,” Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost said at F1 Insider: “I still believe in him.”

Schumacher may need more time, says Tost, who demands: “You should give him that. It’s only his second season in Formula 1 and we have completely new cars that are hard to drive.”

Tost had previously stated that everything before F1 was “kindergarten” than the first class, and that it took three years for the driver to get to the top level.

However, the learning steps should be visible over time. Companions are sure that they will come to Schumacher. Friend Sebastian Vettel said: “I have no doubt that Mick can do more than he shows. But I think you (media; editor’s note) should leave him alone for a bit.”

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Eddie Jordan, ex-Papa team boss Michael Schumacher, is sure: “He’s learning from that. It won’t slow him down. It might make him see some things differently,” the Irishman told Bild.

Former Mercedes sporting director Norbert Haug is asking Sky that Haas stand by him and stop putting the internal pressure on him. “But Mick is smart and talented enough to learn this lesson. I’m sure you’ll see points from him soon,” he wrote in his column in RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland.

Good enough for Formula 1

“Mick has to go to the extreme because Kevin (Magnusen) is showing what’s possible with Haas. Whoever takes more risks flies faster,” former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa told Bild. She explained: “Mick is good enough for Formula 1.” Schumacher has to prove it in the coming weeks.

Otherwise, the headwind will be stronger.

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