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After defeat in the European Union elections: Macron calls for new elections

After defeat in the European Union elections: Macron calls for new elections

In light of the defeat of the Ennahda party he leads in the European Union elections, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that he would dissolve Parliament and sign a decree to hold new parliamentary elections. Macron said in a speech this evening that this will take place on June 30 in the first round and on July 7 in the second round.

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This article accompanies the ZIB Spezial broadcast, ORF2, 9 June 2024.

According to expectations, the right-wing populist National Rally party led by Marine Le Pen will receive about 32 percent in the European Union elections, while Macron’s list will receive only about 15 percent. Le Pen welcomed Macron's announcement. They are ready to take power in France if the National Front wins the confidence of voters.

In addition to the National Rally in France, right-wing parties in the rest of Europe are also performing well and making gains. According to projections, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) has 72 seats in the EU Parliament, while the far-right Identity and Democracy (ID) group has 58 members.

The EPP can defend first place with 189 seats. The Social Democrats are also defending second place with 135 deputies. The Liberal Renewal Group has 80 members, while the Green Party loses and has 52 seats. The group of unaffiliated representatives, which includes many right-wing representatives, is also now strong: it has 98 seats. The left came in last place with 36 deputies.

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About 370 million people across all EU member states have decided in EU elections what will happen in Europe over the next five years. How should the election results be interpreted? What are the most pressing topics on the agenda? What is the general mood in Europe? What reforms does the European Union need?

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