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After France, Denmark also stopped deportations to Afghanistan

The Taliban now controls about two-thirds of Afghanistan. US intelligence agencies cannot rule out the possibility of seizing Kabul within 30 days and taking it over within 90 days. In the past few days, the Taliban have captured Kunduz and Faizabad, among others, and are now besieging Mazar-i-Sharif. If Mazar-i-Sharif was captured, the government in Kabul would permanently lose control of the north of the country.

In light of the rapid invasion of the Taliban, an increasing number of countries are demanding their citizens to leave Afghanistan. Germany urgently urged its citizens to leave the country quickly on Thursday. Against the background of the significantly deteriorating security situation throughout the national territory, including the capital, Kabul, the embassy urgently advises all German citizens to leave the country as soon as possible via a scheduled flight, it says. The Austrian Foreign Ministry issued a travel warning for the whole of Afghanistan some time ago and, according to the website, advised “Austrians residing abroad and Austrians in Afghanistan for other reasons” to leave the country “urgently”.

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