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After Kate's photoshop debacle, there are now doubts about Prince Harry's paparazzi

After Kate's photoshop debacle, there are now doubts about Prince Harry's paparazzi

After Princess Kate admitted on Monday, following unprecedented public pressure, that she had subsequently edited a photo of herself and her three children, there are now rumors of more doctored images of the royal family.

The Daily Mail claimed in an article that Prince Harry's photographer Misan Harriman (46 years old) manipulated a photo published by Harry and Meghan in 2021 to announce Meghan's pregnancy. The newspaper claims that Harriman added the tree in the background of the photo as an afterthought.

The photo in question has been shared several times in 2021, as here from the Today Show.

Harriman spoke quickly. On the X platform (formerly Twitter), he described the rumors as “really cunning and dangerous journalism.”

Leading questions from journalists

In the video, Harriman plays a clip from the 'Private Passions' podcast with Michael Berkley: “I'm going to play the Private Passions clip for you. And we talked about the technology I've been using to photograph people during lockdown. […] Michael asked me some key questions in this interview. What I mean by leading questions is what some journalists do when they present a statement as fact and hope to respond or add something.

“They weren't actually under a willow tree, they were lying outside in a meadow, Harry and Meghan, when I took their picture?” host Berkeley Harriman asks in the clip. “Harry and Meghan, when I took their picture?” Harriman responds: “They were lost in their own house.” Life, in their garden, they felt comfortable and celebrated new joy, new life, and courage.

The photographer denies the rumours

Harriman then pauses the audio recording of the interview and then says: “How this exchange was interpreted to mean that I was admitting to photo manipulation is really insidious and dangerous journalism.” The mention of meadows and willow trees came from the interviewer, not me. I did my best to ignore them and focus on what I wanted to talk about.

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