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After nearly 30 years, you can play the classic Bethesda game for free and fully revised

After nearly 30 years, you can play the classic Bethesda game for free and fully revised

Daggerfall Unity is a project started by fans of the classic game and has finally been completed after nearly 10 years of development. For players old and new, it provides the perfect opportunity to experience the 1996 game with more modern graphics.

The Elder Scrolls ll: Daggerfall is a game released in 1996 that also spawned great games like Super Mario 64, Quake or Pokémon Red and Blue. It was a very good year for gamers at the time, and the potential of video games exploded at that time.

Bethesda released Daggerfall, a game that remains one of the developer's biggest games today. This is despite the fact that games like Starfield, Skyrim and Fallout 3 have followed and celebrated great success:

Last year, Starfield, a new game from Bethesda, was released

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However, playing the 1996 title today using more modern technology is quite a challenge. It's no wonder some fans decided to work on a Daggerfall remake nearly 10 years ago.

This version is called “Daggerfall Unity”. It has now celebrated its official 1.0 release. The project has now officially ended and it could be the exact reason some players are returning to Tamriel, the world of Daggerfall.

Perhaps the best thing is that you can use this new version completely free.

How to play Daggerfall Unity: To be able to play this revised version completely for free, you must first install the game via Steam. This has also been free for several years.

Then you download the version of Unity from the official website, unzip it and give it instructions to find the correct files. You can find more detailed instructions on

What you can expect in Daggerfall Unity: For anyone who couldn't play the game in 1996, the remastered edition offers a whole new adventure. But the new version should also be worth it for old fans, because it doesn't just shine with new graphics.

Daggerfall offers you 15,000 areas to explore. By comparison, Starfield, for example, has “only” 1,000 planets to visit. There are also some features you'd already expect from Elders Scrolls that definitely make Daggerfall interesting:

  • Explore the world and as many areas as you wish
  • Join unions
  • Choose a religion you can identify with
  • Be careful of your reputation
  • She turns into a vampire or a werewolf

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