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BAFTA: Four awards for the road movie "Nomadland".

After the Nobel Peace Prize: the confiscation of memorial offices –

A few hours after the announcement of this year’s commemorative Nobel Peace Prize, a Russian court ordered the confiscation of the offices of the human rights organization in Moscow. Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted the court’s decision yesterday as saying that the building in which the offices are located had been converted into “public property”.

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Other members of the opposition declared “agents”.

In general, the Kremlin increases pressure on critics and the opposition: yesterday, other members of the opposition were declared “foreign agents”, including writer Dmitry Gluchovsky and rapper Oxxxymiron. Glukovsky is a well-known science fiction writer wanted to “discredit” the Russian military. Like the rapper, whose real name is Miron Fedorov, he has already left the country.

Fyodorov, 37, described the Russian attack on Ukraine at the end of February as a “disaster and a crime”. The musician, who is especially popular with young Russians, has organized several concerts in support of Ukrainian refugees abroad. Feminist politician Alina Popova and journalist Irina Storogeva have also been declared “foreign agents”.

The term “foreign agent,” reminiscent of the Soviet term “enemy of the people,” targets opposition figures, journalists, and human rights activists accused of using foreign funds to organize political activities.

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