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Against “Wake Up”: John Cleese Gets His Own Show

Against “Wake Up”: John Cleese Gets His Own Show

John Cleese, who gained international fame as a member of the comedy group Monty Python with films such as “The Life of Brian”, became an anchor on British broadcaster JB News considered the equivalent of conservative US Fox News. The Fawlty Towers star confirmed this on BBC Radio 4’s Today show.

Cleese is set to host his own network show, which devotes most of his time to criticizing “Wake Up,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The BBC quoted the comedian as saying that viewers “may not be used to hearing the things I’m going to say”.

In the past, Claes often acted as a fighter against the “cancellation culture”. He recently described himself as an “old-fashioned liberal” and said that “GB News is not a right-wing channel. It’s a free speech channel.” The first show without my cancellation or the imposition of censorship.”

“Comedians no longer have the freedom to be funny.”

Earlier this year, Cleese, 82, called “the abolition of culture” a “tragedy” and told attendees at the FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas, where he was the keynote speaker, that comedians no longer have the freedom to be funny and comedic films. Now, “it targets young people because they are the ones who go to the movies on Friday nights.”

Last year, it was reported that Cleese is set to star in a new UK Channel 4 series called “Cancel Me,” which will be about “abolition of culture” and its implications for comedy.

In November, Cleese withdrew from a performance at Cambridge University after a guest speaker was expelled for impersonating Hitler. He has “blacklisted himself before anyone else does” and urged regulators to “find a place with no ‘wake up’ rules.”

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