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AL BRONZO - Barilla's new premium pasta

AL BRONZO – Barilla’s new premium pasta

In the special “Lavorazione Grezza” manufacturing process, pasta dough is pressed through bronze molds at high pressure. Barilla uses special bronze pigment molds, precisely embossed, to increase the resistance of the pasta dough during the process.

© Barilla

In this way, the surface of Barilla AL BRONZO pasta is smoothed with a structural network of bumps. The result is a unique pasta with a firm texture and very coarseness for perfect adhesion to the sauce and an optimal taste experience.

An intense taste experience

AL BRONZO owes its fullness and exceptional bite to a blend of high-quality durum wheat, which gives the pasta a golden yellow color and a high protein content of over 14%.

Due to its dough strength and rough surface, premium noodles optimally bind seasonings and sauces, resulting in a perfect taste experience. The combination of firm texture, unique rough surface and delicate color with intense taste makes AL BRONZO pasta dish very special A feast for all the senses.

Easy to find on the shelf with the attractive red packaging.

Recipe tip:

Bronzo mezzi rigatoni with white butter, red shrimp and crushed capers

© Barilla

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