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Alexa can now turn off lights in the US with a time delay

Alexa can now turn off lights in the US with a time delay

On Reddit, users are reporting that Alexa can now turn off smart lights with a time delay.

Alexa, turn off the light in 10 minutes!

Alexa can be used to control many smart home devices. Controlling a smart light via voice command is one of the most popular use cases and one of the first things smart home beginners implement. In America to inform From now on users Alexa has got a new function to control the light there. Changing the lights with a time delay is now possible.

Google Assistant has long managed to turn on smart lights with time delays, but Alexa is following suit. For example, “Alexa, turn off the bedroom light in 5 minutes!”. Very handy if you want to lie in bed and sleep with a little dim light.

This function is not yet available in Germany. As soon as it gets here, there will definitely be news about it on the blog.

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