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Alexander Zverev qualifies to defend the title in Caja Mágica in the final against Carlos Alcaraz

Alexander Zverev qualifies to defend the title in Caja Mágica in the final against Carlos Alcaraz

Alexander Zverev still had something to make up against Stefanos Tsitsipas, as he entered the match with a 3:7 record against the Greek, which started just after 11:15 pm.

The expected narrow duel developed. There was only one break opportunity in the whole first set, but that was enough for Zverev to take the serve off Tsitsipas and put the tour on the credit side after 37 minutes with 6:4.

Although both professionals acted at eye level, the confrontation was marked by quick service games.

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The picture changed in the middle of the second set: Tsitsipas made the first break and tied the set with three straight games. Surprisingly, the 23-year-old couldn’t keep using the momentum for himself.

Zverev ensures clear terms in the third sentence

On the contrary: Zverev, motivated by low average, won the first three matches of the third set. Initial decision.

The 25-year-old now has what is happening at Center Court, the Manolo Santana stadium, in control and has kept Tsitsipas at a distance. After 1 hour 53 minutes, Zverev reached the final at 1:10 am with a cracked backhand (Sunday from 6:30 pm in the live video on

Zverev praises Alcaraz: “Carlos has no limits”

Carlos Alcaraz is waiting there, who knocked out Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic one by one. “Carlos has no limits. It will be a great match and he will be my strongest opponent this week,” Zverev looked forward to the final.

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In a direct comparison, the Hamburg player is 2-0 up after beating the youngster in both Acapulco and Vienna in 2021.

In order to prepare perfectly, Zverev takes an unusual path. After his success against Tsitsipas, the third-placed in the world rankings announced that he would complete a training session on the field that night.

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